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(617) 242-6009
83 Main St.
Charlestown, MA
Stage One
(508) 872-8189
85 Hollis St
Framingham, MA
Stage One - Dress up. Stage One isn't necessarily "formal," per se, but it's sexy and sleek; this is the kind of place where if you're dressed like a tool, you'll stick out like a sore thumb. (Probably more than a sore thumb, actually-those don't really stand out when you think about it). The point is: it's a solid place. Bring your A-game.

Burnam's Supper House Lounge
(508) 881-9892
366 Pleasant St
Ashland, MA
Burnam's Supper House Lounge - Plush seating and good music gives Burnam's Supper House Lounge a good name. The place usually gets filled up by midnight so come early if you want to designate an area for you and your friends.

Prospector East Saloon
(508) 485-9072
520 Lincoln St
Marlborough, MA
Prospector East Saloon - Let's call it what it is. Prospector East Saloon, at [Address], is a good place to pull. The crowd is good looking and the ambiance is sexy, so if you can't meet someone here, well, keep drinking and try again. Liquid courage always helps. Look, we're not guaranteeing anything, but at Prospector East Saloon you should have plenty of options.

Victory Lane
(508) 376-2595
32 Exchange St
Millis, MA
Victory Lane - Boasting excellent service and strong drinks, Victory Lane, located at [Address], has a good crowd of regulars and a decent-looking clientele. As an added bonus, there's no cover, so this is a good place to hit without blowing your budget.

Mugs-Away Pub
(508) 879-1579
666 Waverly St
Framingham, MA
Mugs-Away Pub, located at [Address], is your garden variety pub. It's not going to win any raves of "Hottest. Bar. Ever.," but it's a serviceable place to relax and unwind. Just keep your expectations grounded. And there's something to be said for beers that cost less than $14 bucks. Review of Mugs-Away Pub.

Corner Pub
(508) 881-8383
1 W Union St
Ashland, MA
Corner Pub - Some bars are legendary. The kind of watering hole that you'll remember for most of your life. Corner Pub? It's not one of them. Located at [Address], it's pretty much your vanilla bar. Which isn't a bad thing.

Non Pub Mandelbaum Jack & Brnc
(508) 875-1170
95 Pine Hill Rd
Southborough, MA
Non Pub Mandelbaum Jack & Brnc - While you don't need to be wearing a suit to get into Non Pub Mandelbaum Jack & Brnc, looking nice will help. The crowd is attractive and the bartenders even more so. If you're looking for a nice spot to hang with friends and meet new (attractive) people, Non Pub Mandelbaum Jack & Brnc will do the trick.

Sherwood Forest Brewers LTD
(508) 303-0605
175 Maple St
Marlborough, MA
Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd - Happy hour never looked so good. Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd, located at [Address] caters to an anxious after-work crowd but once the drinks start coming, the ties start getting loose.

Pather Beverage Co
(781) 559-8300
78 Fremont St
Needham Heights, MA
Pather Beverage Co - Maybe you'll see Norm in the corner. Or Cliff sitting next to him. Maybe Sam behind the bar. Yep, Pather Beverage Co is that comfortable, cozy neighborhood bar - the kind where the bartender seems to know everyone who walks through the door.

Technique, Technique, Technique

Technique, Technique, Technique

By Russ Cobbe

In real estate the mantra is location, location, location but in mixing cocktails its technique, technique, technique. Most home bartenders tend to just throw the ingredients together and serve the drink and in a lot of commercial establishments they do the same thing. The way a drink is prepared can make a big difference in how it tastes and in the atmosphere created.

Chilling a Glass
Always chill glasses before filling them. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First is to simply put them in the fridge or a freezer a couple of hours ahead of time. If you forget however you can fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice for a few minutes. Make sure to empty the ice before preparing the drink.

Frosting a Glass
For "frosted" drinks you can put the glass in the freezer ahead of time or bury it in shaved ice until it has a white, frosted and ice-cold look and feel. For "sugar-frosted" glasses, wet the rim of the glass that is already chilled with lemon or lime juice and then dip into powdered sugar or coarse salt depending on the recipe.

Floating Liqueurs
Creating a layered drink, also known as a pousse caf�, is not difficult once you know how. The main concept is the heavier ingredients go in first and the lighter ones on top so the ingredients don't mix. Take an inverted spoon and slowly pour the ingredient onto the back of the spoon. This spreads it out and reduces the churn that happens with a straight pour. This can also be done by pouring the ingredient down a glass rod.

Flaming Liqueurs
To make a flaming drink you have to have a spirit that has a high alcohol content. Brandy is normally used. Prewarm the glass being used. Pour some liquor into the prewarmed glass and heat a smaller amount over a flame or in a saucepan on a stove. Light it with a match and then pour it into the glass being used very carefully. This will cause the rest of the alcohol to ignite. Be careful, flames can jump up qu...

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