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Local resource for cocktail party supplies in Kyle. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to party planners, caterers, liquor stores and wine and spirits, as well as advice on drink recipes, mixers, rum, vodka, whiskey and tequila.

The Stratosphere Lounge
(512) 393-5001
235 North L B J Dr
San Marcos, TX
Club 21
(512) 398-2901
1 N Old Spanish Trl
Kyle, TX
Club 21, located at [Address], has an atmosphere that's bordering on dive. Don't take a date there-unless she's cool as hell and is super low-maintenance-but it's a good place to chill and unwind. -Review of Club 21

Hilltop Tavern
(512) 357-6731
5996 Camino Real
Maxwell, TX
Hilltop Tavern - Want to throw a huge party with 300 of your closest friends? Hilltop Tavern is probably not the place to do it. But if you're interested in grabbing a quick drink and possibly some bar food, Hilltop Tavern is more than able to oblige.

Triple Crown
(512) 396-2236
206 N Edward Gary St
San Marcos, TX
Triple Crown - Opens at 7 in the morning, and has live music of all kinds in the evening.

Gordo's Bar & Grill
(512) 392-1874
120 E San Antonio St
San Marcos, TX
Gordo's Bar & Grill - Want to throw a huge party with 300 of your closest friends? Gordo's Bar & Grill is probably not the place to do it. But if you're interested in grabbing a quick drink and possibly some bar food, Gordo's Bar & Grill is more than able to oblige.

Red Fez
(512) 478-5120
209 West 5th Street
Austin, TX
El Flamingo Club
(512) 243-1188
8619 Us Highway 183 S
Austin, TX
El Flamingo Club - Tejano club open Wednesday through Sunday.

Palmer's Restaurant Bar
(512) 353-3500
218 Moore St
San Marcos, TX
Palmer's Restaurant Bar - There's not much to be said about the cocktails at [name]. They're not necessarily cheap, but they're as tasty as they are potent...a delicious and dangerous combination.

Green Parrot
(512) 396-4259
124 N LBJ Drive
San Marcos, TX
Green Parrot - San Marcos bar serving good custom drinks and free food during the Friday happy hour. Live music Wednesday through Saturday.

(512) 353-1594
804 Chestnut St # D
San Marcos, TX
Tavern - In need of a quick drink without the hassle of a doorman? Tavern will do the trick. Grab a seat at the welcoming bar and order one of the many brews on hand. The bartender will likely hook you up if you become a regular and then you'll really have your very own place where everyone knows your name.

Technique, Technique, Technique

Technique, Technique, Technique

By Russ Cobbe

In real estate the mantra is location, location, location but in mixing cocktails its technique, technique, technique. Most home bartenders tend to just throw the ingredients together and serve the drink and in a lot of commercial establishments they do the same thing. The way a drink is prepared can make a big difference in how it tastes and in the atmosphere created.

Chilling a Glass
Always chill glasses before filling them. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First is to simply put them in the fridge or a freezer a couple of hours ahead of time. If you forget however you can fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice for a few minutes. Make sure to empty the ice before preparing the drink.

Frosting a Glass
For "frosted" drinks you can put the glass in the freezer ahead of time or bury it in shaved ice until it has a white, frosted and ice-cold look and feel. For "sugar-frosted" glasses, wet the rim of the glass that is already chilled with lemon or lime juice and then dip into powdered sugar or coarse salt depending on the recipe.

Floating Liqueurs
Creating a layered drink, also known as a pousse caf�, is not difficult once you know how. The main concept is the heavier ingredients go in first and the lighter ones on top so the ingredients don't mix. Take an inverted spoon and slowly pour the ingredient onto the back of the spoon. This spreads it out and reduces the churn that happens with a straight pour. This can also be done by pouring the ingredient down a glass rod.

Flaming Liqueurs
To make a flaming drink you have to have a spirit that has a high alcohol content. Brandy is normally used. Prewarm the glass being used. Pour some liquor into the prewarmed glass and heat a smaller amount over a flame or in a saucepan on a stove. Light it with a match and then pour it into the glass being used very carefully. This will cause the rest of the alcohol to ignite. Be careful, flames can jump up qu...

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