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Local resource for liquor stores in Versailles. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to liquor stores and wine and spirits that have a wide variety of rums, vodkas, whiskies, tequilas, wines and beers, as well as advice on mixed drinks and drink recipes.

Prince Hookah Lounge
(859) 258-9949
555 S Limestone
Lexington, KY
Mouse's Ear
(859) 281-6028
1418 Village Dr
Lexington, KY
Mouse's Ear - Known for its simple décor and good drinks, Mouse's Ear is located at [Address]. Just make sure you dress up a little, as it's not quite the frat bar you're used to from college.

Camelot West
(859) 276-3625
1761 Alexandria Dr
Lexington, KY
Camelot West - Now you have your cake and eat it too. Camelot West, located at [Address], is a hybrid of both trendy-club and swank-lounge. Get there early and stay late; it's the kind of place where you can have an amazing drinks and then stay for the nightlife.

Brewing & Distilling Anlytcl
(859) 278-2533
128 Shady Ln
Lexington, KY
Brewing & Distilling Anlytcl is the type of place you start off your night. The drinks are cheap and strong but the crowd isn't the type to get the party started. Grab a quick drink here and then head out to the real party. -Review of Brewing & Distilling Anlytcl

Malabu Pub & Grille
(859) 278-9003
239 Surfside Dr
Lexington, KY
Malabu Pub & Grille - If you have to work the next morning, we bet a thousand bucks you're going to call in sick. That's because Malabu Pub & Grille, at [Address], is open all night. So the odds of you getting a good night sleep are closed to zilch - we predict you stumbling home around 8am and flopping into bed, forgetting to brush your teeth. And nothing wrong with that.

Varsity Blue
(859) 254-1182
1030 S Broadway # 1
Lexington, KY
Varsity Blue - Dress up. Varsity Blue isn't necessarily "formal," per se, but it's sexy and sleek; this is the kind of place where if you're dressed like a tool, you'll stick out like a sore thumb. (Probably more than a sore thumb, actually-those don't really stand out when you think about it). The point is: it's a solid place. Bring your A-game.

Friends & Co
(859) 278-9022
841 Lane Allen Rd
Lexington, KY
Friends & Co - If you're trying to impress your date, Friends & Co is the place to do it. The drinks are strong, the atmosphere laid back and welcoming. Grab a seat and check out the many specials Friends & Co offers.

Kingsize Chances
(859) 233-9264
2121 Oxford Cir
Lexington, KY
Kingsize Chances - Happy hour never looked so good. Kingsize Chances, located at [Address] caters to an anxious after-work crowd but once the drinks start coming, the ties start getting loose.

11th Frame Lounge South
(859) 277-5746
205 Southland Dr
Lexington, KY
11Th Frame Lounge South - True, it might not be as cheap as a dive bar, but 11Th Frame Lounge South offers an upscale ambience with a laid back vibe. Located at [Address], it's a good "middle-tier" nightlife option.

(859) 233-7266
232 E Bell Ct
Lexington, KY
Crossings - So it's midnight. You're still feeling it. You're still buzzed. Why go home? You don't have to. Crossings, located at [Address], is open well after normal closing-time, so you can keep the vibe going until it's scandalously past your bedtime.

How do they make beer, wine and liquor?

By Russ Cobbe

It's a good question and one you rarely think about on the way to the store to pick up a bottle or two of alcohol. They all involve some sort of fermenting process, which changes sugars in the ingredients into alcohol.


The basic ingredients are malted barley, yeast, water and sometimes other grains are added. Hops for example are used to make the resulting brew have a bitter flavor. Barley grain is turned into a malt by soaking it in water and allowing the grains to start germinating. The grains are then dried in a kiln, which stops the germination and voila you have malted barley. The malt is ground up and mashed with hot water, which is then boiled, the result is called wort. Next comes the fermentation process which starts with cooling down of the wort and the adding of yeast. The yeast turns the natural sugars that exist in the grain into alcohol over a period of time. The end result of course is beer.


The most important aspect of wine making is deciding when to pick the grapes from the vine. Conditions must be just right for the variety being used and the picking must be done quickly. Stems are removed from the grapes after picking and the skins are generally left on for at least 24 hours. The grapes are pressed to extract the juice from the grape. This juice is allowed to settle to remove any bits of skin. Yeast is added which turns the sugars in the grape juice to alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are specialized yeast cultures that act differently on the grape juice to provide different characteristics. The resulting wine is left so the yeast settles and the wine is drawn off, this can happen multiple times until the wine is clear. The wine is cold stabilized which precipitate white
crystals that are using in making tarter sauce. Finally the wine is filtered and bottled.


Spirits such as Rum, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey have a much higher alcohol percentage than wine o...

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