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Local resource for party planning in Mentor. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to party planners, caterers, wine and spirits and liquor stores, as well as advice on themed parties and mixed drinks.

Spuddy's Tavern
(440) 257-9700
7883 Munson Rd
Mentor, OH
Delaney's Chase Inn
(440) 255-6645
8702 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH
Delaney's Chase Inn is the type of place you start off your night. The drinks are cheap and strong but the crowd isn't the type to get the party started. Grab a quick drink here and then head out to the real party. -Review of Delaney's Chase Inn

Q's 21
(440) 357-7665
9570 Mentor Ave # M
Mentor, OH
Q's 21 - Boasting excellent service and strong drinks, Q's 21, located at [Address], has a good crowd of regulars and a decent-looking clientele. As an added bonus, there's no cover, so this is a good place to hit without blowing your budget.

Wee Bit Lounge & Restaurant
(440) 257-2120
5802 Andrews Rd
Mentor, OH
Wee Bit Lounge & Restaurant - Sometimes you just don't want to pay $12 for a drink. On those nights, head out to Wee Bit Lounge & Restaurant, located at [Address]. And while they may be cheaper, they're definitely not weaker.

Rock City
(440) 946-7625
7597 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH
Billy's Martini Bar
(440) 946-6755
7701 Reynolds Rd
Mentor, OH
Billy's Martini Bar - While you don't need to be wearing a suit to get into Billy's Martini Bar, looking nice will help. The crowd is attractive and the bartenders even more so. If you're looking for a nice spot to hang with friends and meet new (attractive) people, Billy's Martini Bar will do the trick.

PMBC Tavern
(440) 257-0386
5973 Andrews Rd
Mentor, OH
Pmbc Tavern - There's not much to be said about the cocktails at [name]. They're not necessarily cheap, but they're as tasty as they are potent...a delicious and dangerous combination.

Junction 6-1-5
(440) 255-4793
8376 Tyler Blvd
Mentor, OH
Junction 6-1-5 - If you need a place to unwind after another week of mindless TPS reports, Junction 6-1-5, located at [Address], might just do the trick. Pretty barebones and without fanfare, but the prices are reasonable and there's no hassle at the door.

Avenue Grille & Bar, The
(440) 255-7030
9055 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH
Cross Street
Heisley Rd & Mentor Ave

(440) 974-1390
6966 Heisley Rd # H
Mentor, OH
Racers - Want to throw a huge party with 300 of your closest friends? Racers is probably not the place to do it. But if you're interested in grabbing a quick drink and possibly some bar food, Racers is more than able to oblige.

Ideas for a New Years Party

By Russ Cobbe

If you are planning to host a New Years Eve party this year you might be looking for some help to make it extra special or at the very least more unique. A big part of most New Years Eve party's is various alcoholic drinks. Instead of just providing (or having guests bring their own) the regular beer, wine, rum, vodka and rye, why not create a theme around the drinks available.

There are various cocktails and shooters that have New Years names. A quick visit to shows about 20 different recipes around the New Years Eve party. One idea is to setup a table with the various ingredients for the drinks with small recipe cards and the appropriate glasses so everyone can be their own bartender. Trying something new and breaking old habits is part of the long-standing tradition of New Years. Here is a sample of some recipes to try:

Happy New Year

0.25 oz Brandy
4.0 oz Champagne
0.75 oz Orange juice
0.75 oz Port

Shake brandy, port and orange juice well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne, and serve.


1.0 oz Cognac
1.0 oz Cointreau
1.0 oz Lemon juice
1.5 oz Rum

Shake over ice and pour into cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel.

Steaming Hot Holiday Punch Recipe

3.0 cups Apple Juice
1.5 teaspoons ground Cinnamon
3 sticks Cinnamon
0.75 teaspoon ground Cloves
6.0 cups Cranberry juice
0.75 cup Maple syrup
0.75 teaspoon ground Nutmeg
3.0 cups Orange juice
2.0 ...

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